Pool Benefits

Transparency, better access to cargo and increased fleet utilization are the foundation of our operations

Pool Characteristics
    The Pool is designed to provide a commercial structure that delivers superior earnings by:

  • Exploiting greater market penetration through a consolidated fleet presence
  • Delivering Higher Fleet Utilization
  • Providing Economies of Scale and Scope
  • Access to off-market back haul cargos and ability to serve COAs
    The characteristics of the Pool are

  • Independence from the asset ownership
  • Impartiality with all participants treated equitably, through direct voting rights in the Executive Committee
  • Transparency in financial reporting, through 24/7 IT portal and monthly reconciliation
  • Alignment of commercial interests
Chartering Strategy
  • The chartering strategy will aim to maximize revenue by matching the vessels in the fleet with the most appropriate cargos, based on the position and abilities of each vessel, focusing on voyage and trip charter fixtures.
  • Initially the pool will focus its efforts in the Atlantic basin, as means to increase utilization and provide superior earnings, and will grow its focus when the number of vessels under management allow for possible geographic expansion.
    1. Atlantic Basin over-performs the Pacific Basin by 10 to 15 percent on average over the last decade
  • Expertise in local/coastal markets in ECSA, USG, Baltic and the Black Sea and knowledge of the needs and restrictions each market has, so that vessels are allocated efficiently.
  • Very good relationship with all major trading houses as well as operators ensuring preference against competing vessels, better market visibility and penetration.